Air Aerodynamics Flight Web Links - Science - Grade 6

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum: How Things Fly

Maverick: Tower, this is Ghost rider requesting a flyby.

Air Boss Johnson: That’s a negative Ghost rider, the pattern is full.

General Information

The Challenge of Flight  | PBS Interactive

Flying Higher and Faster | PBS Interactive

Engineer a Jetliner | PBS Interactive

100 Years of Passenger Air Travel | PBS Interactive

NASA Aerodynamics Websites

Beginners Guide to Aerodynamics

NASA - Air Foil Simulator III

Atmosphere and Aerodynamics Simulator

How Things Fly | Airbus

How Planes Work | Airbus

How Planes Move | Airbus

NASA - The Space Place

How Stuff Works - The Airplane

Airplane Flight

Flight Interactives | PBS Nova

Virtual Tours of Famous Aircraft

How Planes Fly: Nat Geo Kids

How We Invented the World: The Wright Brothers - YouTube

Air is Everywhere

Properties of Air

Activity: Air, You Can't See it, But it's There!

Air & Flight: Properties of Air & the Characteristics of Flight

Forces of Flight

Forces of Flight - Polsky Notes

Forces of Flight Interactive

What Makes Planes Fly?

The Hangar: How Planes Work

Hot Air Balloon Interactive

Control Surfaces

Airplane Control Surfaces - Polsky Notes

How do Airplanes Fly? | YouTube

Pitch, Roll & Yaw Explained | YouTube

Flight Controls | YouTube

History: The Wright Brothers

PBS Documentary - The Wright Stuff | YouTube

How We Invented the World: The Wright Brothers | YouTube

The Home of the Wright Brothers - Smithsonian | YouTube  

Being the Wright Brothers - National Geographic | YouTube

The Wright Brothers: The First to Fly... or Were They? | YouTube

The First Flight

Paper Airplanes

Ken Blackburn [Guinness Record Holder for Paper Airplane] - PaperPlane.Org

Paper Airplane Design Database & Instructions

How Gliders Fly

Paper Airplane Game