Science Resources Grade 6 Alberta


Have you ever been walking through a forest and wonder how all the trees, shrubs and flowers grow? Did you know that trees have cookies? We will be going over the key characteristics of Deciduous and Coniferous Forests and are preparing for a trip to the Ann & Sandy Cross Conservatory to practice and use what we have learned. Following this trip, we will be bringing all our learning together while representing our understanding and knowledge of trees, forests and the value they bring to our world. 


Call the Police! There’s a thief on the loose! Sangita Mistry has had her brand new iPhone stolen! Not only that, but someone is using it to post photos and send cruel messages to people! This has to stop!

We have begun our unit on Evidence and Investigation, based on the fictional scenario provided by the Police Interpretive Center. As we work to solve this crime, we will be using all our developed skills and knowledge to find a suspect. Here are the files you can use to help solve the crimes.


Have you ever looked at the stars or the sun (not directly of course) or the moon? Ever wondered why the moon looks different from day to day? Why are the stars that I can see at night different from month to month? This is all part of Sky Science and as a class we will be investigating some of these things over the next few months.

Why do we have seasons? What causes them? If I look at my shadow in June and then again in November, will it look the same? Why does the shape of the moon change? Is the moon actually changing shape? What are some of the constellations and where are they? These are just some of the questions we have and in this unit... we get to answer them!


Current Location of International Space Station

How do planes fly? How do birds stay in the air? What keeps them from falling to the ground? The Grade 6 students will be learning about and answering those and many other questions. We will be learning about the forces of flight, Bernoulli’s Principle, Newton’s Laws of Motion, and the control surfaces of aircraft. This is a hands-on (and wings out) experience that we are all looking forward to!

We will be applying what we’ve learned through many different and exciting activities that let us begin to understand the magic of flight. I mean really, how can a giant metal tube that weighs thousands of pounds stay in the air? This is why....


Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum: How Things Fly